Sunday, March 2, 2014

February's Squatchers of the Month!

Congrats are in order because the first Squatcher of the Month! It's was a tough decision but we have finally found our first Squatcher of the Month which is, Rocky Mountain Squatch Organization! So, here's all of their content! So, please go and check them out! And since they won we will have a future News Hour with them! 


Official Website 

Google +


It was so, tough the we had 4 runners up! Here they are! 

Nikki Colon 

 Kryder Expedition 

 Blake Downing

Rob Gaudet 

Now, for those that didn't win doesn't mean they can't win next time, since you are already entered you are automatically qualify for next/this month's Squatcher of the Month! Including those runner's ups! So the next deadline for March's Squatcher of the Month is Tuesday March 25th at 12:00 am est Midnight! So, go to our Facebook page and submit!!!!