Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taking Time Off

As, you may have heard a couple days ago that I am taking time off from Real or Not Real and News Hour. But, don't worry it's only a temp basis. I mention why on the After Show for SurvivorMan Bigfoot. But, I figured that I write up an blog post "in case you missed it". You see, I've came across a new place that I'll be moving into but, before I can do it. It's a bit of an fixer upper. So, my parents and I will be fixing it up furing the summer in hopes to get it ready by fall. But, do not worry when I get the time I'll be annoucing when Real or Not Real and New Hour's return! 
So, in the mean time keep on squatching and I'll be back as soon as possible!

The last Real or Not Real will be April 29 at 9:00pm est.
The last News Hour will be May 18 with special guest Sharon Day!